What Does Peace Look Like?

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Last Friday at Mills Lawn was Rainbow Day with the goal of celebrating diversity and asking the question, “What does peace look like?” Student reporters Joseph and Tyson conducted short interviews to find out different student perspectives regarding that question. Check out the clip below to hear some of the kindergarten students’ ideas about peace. This is a preview for a longer Peace at Mills Lawn video we’re creating. Other responses from students included: “Peace looks like… Friendship; Smiles; Being helpful; Love; A hello; Holding  hands; Quiet; Never being hateful or mean; High fives; and being a Peacemaker!” What does peace look like to you?

We got to see peace in action at the Peace Carnival hosted by Mrs. Watern and Ms. Morgan’s Classes during which students created games about peace that students of all ages could play. There were so many exciting and fun moments during the Peace Carnival that we’ll share those in the next post! Stay tuned…