Prints are a reminder of ways to be a peacemaker

Second and third grade students not only stamped their peacemaker symbols on the canvases that make up the hero/peacemaker artwork for Project Peace, but students created their own print to take home as… Continue reading

“No More Bullies” Rap!

“No More Bullies” Rap from Mrs. Bennett’s Class Mrs. Bennett’s kindergarten class got very excited about Project Peace and decided to write a rap to encourage kids to be kind. Check out the… Continue reading

Beautiful Indigo Dyeing Results!

  Check out these stunning results from sixth graders’ folding, binding, and knotting fabric and dyeing in our indigo vat! These lovely fabric pieces will be cut into strips and added to the fabric… Continue reading

Sixth Graders Explore Indigo

  Indigo dyeing has a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Indigo textiles have been found in China, India, and even the pyramids of ancient Egypt. What common clothing item can you think… Continue reading

Have you noticed our color scheme?

 Second and third graders continue by stamping and printing their symbols to create a beautiful blue border on the hero/peacemaker canvases. Have you started to notice lots of blue in the artwork that… Continue reading

2nd & 3rd Grade: Symbolizing the Qualities of a Peacemaker

Students are learning about Adinkra symbols from West Africa and designing their own peacemaker symbols. Stamping on fabric to create patterns or areas of contrast is a popular decorative technique on textiles, and… Continue reading

“What are you doing for others?”-MLK Jr.

  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights activist and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, dedicated his live to promoting peace and justice and ending segregation. Today, fourth and fifth grade students… Continue reading

“We Must Be the Change We Wish to See in the World”

   Fourth grade students came to their second session of Project Peace with research on hero/peacemakers Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks. Students voted as a class to start sketching on… Continue reading

First Graders Painted 50+ Messages of Peace!

During the final Project Peace session with first grade students, we made it our goal to brighten as many messages of peace as possible with different shades of blue.The students used sky blue,… Continue reading

Rosa Parks ‘Helped Change America,’ Obama Says at Statue Dedication

 Just as President Obama dedicated a statue of Rosa Parks to be placed in the Capital’s National Statuary Hall Collection, fifth grade students at Mills Lawn started a large scale contour drawing of… Continue reading

Project Peace at YSAC

 If you haven’t had a chance to check out the fantastic show, Art for Social Change, at the Yellow Springs Arts Council, it’s worth a visit! Project Peace has a display as well… Continue reading

Reflecting on the Power of Choice

Fourth and fifth grade students are focused on drawing self-portraits that celebrate their strengths and goals for being peacemakers. Starting with carefully drawn self-portraits, students are reflecting on their personality and ways that… Continue reading

Video Clip: Promoting Kids as “Upstanders”

Project Peace Guiding Questions next week focus on actions and personal relationships–family, classroom, school. • What happens when we stand up for others against bullying or aggression? • What responsibility do bystanders have… Continue reading

Hero/Peacemaker Self-Portrait in Progess

Watch a brief video of work in progress!

Hero/Peacemaker Self-Portraits

       Fourth and fifth grade students at Mills Lawn started self portraits using contour (simplified line or outline)drawings with words layered on top. Students will create these self-portraits with the goal… Continue reading