“No More Bullies” Rap!

“No More Bullies” Rap from Mrs. Bennett’s Class

Mrs. Bennett’s kindergarten class got very excited about Project Peace and decided to write a rap to encourage kids to be kind. Check out the lyrics and video to see the inspiring work of our youngest students and how they decided to stand up for themselves and others. This is COOL!

No More Bullies

Bullies make us feel sad, mad and scared.
But we are not worried we are prepared.
We stand up to our bullies
We say, “Stop. Can’t we be friends?”
When we are all peacemakers then bullying can end.

1.Bullies are people that make wrong choices.
2.Stand up to your bullies by using your voices.

3. Please don’t bully us kindness would be better.
4.Just like counting kindness goes on forever.


5. So if you are a bully you should stop right now.
6. Instead become a peacemaker we can show  you how.