2nd & 3rd Grade: Symbolizing the Qualities of a Peacemaker

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Students are learning about Adinkra symbols from West Africa and designing their own peacemaker symbols. Stamping on fabric to create patterns or areas of contrast is a popular decorative technique on textiles, and much of the stamping includes abstract symbols that tell a story or symbolize important attributes such as loyalty, trust, peace, love, kindness, integrity, safety, community. We can interact with these works of art not only by seeing the beauty of the shapes, lines, and color but also by reading the work of art to figure out and understand the meaning of the symbol. Students created their own symbol sketching first; then, they transferred the image to a styrofoam printing plate and added a border of geometric shapes. These stamps will be printed on the canvases that will make up our school-wide hero/peacemaker artwork. The final step for second and third grade students will be to include a written description of the meaning of their design to be displayed with their printed symbol.