Unity Through Music

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Today was the last rehearsal for the third grade D.R.U.M. Code ensemble and students are eager for their performance on Friday. Guest Musician Darren Gilley led the students through a variety of rhythms, many that included call and response. The robust sound of the students’ drumming filled the music room and looks of concentration as well as a few smiles could be found on faces throughout the room. In an interview with a few more third grade students today, I heard about the unity and togetherness that the D.R.U.M Code encourages as well as the importance of respect. Students shared their favorite parts of the experience drumming. Take a listen in the videos below. Good luck third graders!

D stands for Discipline. People with self-discipline are strong!

R stands for Respect. People with self-respect make good decisions. People who respect others make the world a better place.

U stands for Unity. We work together. We say “we” not “I.”

M stands for MUSIC!

D.R.U.M. stands for Discipline, Respect, and Unity through MUSIC!