Peace is fun!

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Mrs. Guest’s first grade students really put in their best effort dyeing and painting messages of peace on Tuesday. The results were stunning, and we had a fantastic time! Mrs. Slattery shared this reflection about how the class went:

I had the pleasure to have helped in Gr. 1 (Mrs. Guest’s) classroom today with Mrs. Paul in Art and it was amazing.

It really CLICKED for the kids who remembered the lesson and flew with it. They made many comments about wanting to read the words of peace written on the strips of cloths and they were literally gleeful doing their dyeing and painting activity. We heard comments like, “I love this”, “I want to do more”, “This is amazing!” and “I want to do more of this at home.” I heard discussions between them on how to be kind and how to be a friend. They started being very creative in their painting of the cloth strips, using various patterns and requested to do several strips. They were all very engaged in the lesson.

Most importantly, they all cooperated and truly enjoyed being part of this message of peace.

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